My goal is to set individuals and couples up for success on their mental health journeys.  Because people feel most comfortable in the most therapeutic venue, I offer tele Counseling exclusively. 

Through tele Counseling, my clients are spared the inconvenience of travel, the in-person check-in and check-out process of an office, and most importantly, they feel more comfortable discussing their concerns when they are settled into their own space.

I look forward to working with you, so settle into your easy chair, pour your favorite soft drink, and click the "Appointment Request" link below.  An in-person scheduler will contact you to arrange a time for your initial tele Counseling session.  

Gail Roberson, MS, LPC

I partner with Southern Light Counseling, check them out here

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If you'd like to speak with Gail personally please email me at [email protected]


By clicking here, you will be contacted by an in-personal scheduler to set up your initial session time with me.