Client Testimonials

Gail is extremely helpful and very professional yet warm & understanding. I have full trust in her work.

Gail takes times to review all aspects of my life and understands that they’re all connected.

She is AMAZING. Gail is flexible, caring, compassionate, and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone!

One of Gail's most impressive attributes is her ability to comprehend what a patient is experiencing. She delves beneath the surface, capturing the nuances of one's emotional landscape. It's an empathetic approach that fosters a secure, supportive environment where one feels truly heard and understood. What sets Gail apart is her aptitude to draw on a wealth of life experiences, adding a layer of practical wisdom to her therapeutic practice. This unique combination of theory and life-learned practicality makes her sessions engaging and genuinely beneficial.

We love Gail. She saved our marriage. Our communication is better. Gail is a wonderful and fantastic therapist, and we are grateful for her.