Reflections…  For Your Journal

For many, December is a slippery slope, in more ways than the weather!  It can be a time of regret and retreat, or it can be one of reflection and renewal.  You get to choose your perspective.

Looking back at 2023 can reveal information about how we can live our life better to get more of what we want in 2024.  You only need the courage to take an objective look at what went right, what went wrong, what served you well, and what set you back.  By answering these four questions, you can make your new year even better. 

What went right?

This is a section for gratitude.  What happened during 2023 that made you smile?  What brought you peace of mind?

What went wrong?

This is not a list of complaints, but an honest look at what could have been better.  If you do not see what went wrong, you will remain oblivious about what needs to change.

What served you well?

Take a quick inventory of your achievements in  2023.   Remember problems you had and resolved.  Think about the connections you made, the activities that brought you personal satisfaction.  What did you do to create these pleasant experiences for yourself?

What set you back?

Reflect on what stood in your way of achieving your best life experience in 2023.  Were there opportunities that passed you by?  Did you find yourself in precarious situations that would have been best avoided?   Could you have used your time more wisely?  Do you wish you would have said “No” more often?  What can you do to avoid or remove these stumbling blocks from your life in 2023?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and write your thoughts in your journal.  Then, revisit your journal entry next year to see how your intention to have a more rewarding 2024 paid off!

Taking Care of Yourself is Even More Important
When you Least Feel Like It!

I take time


Some would say that being “self -centered” is selfish and shameful.  No so!  Unless a person drives their life intentionally and is focused on what is right for them, they cannot meet their own needs, let alone help others!

Whether it is from giving more than one has to give to others or simply over-indulging themselves, a person who over-commits their time, over-uses their energy, over-spends their money, or shares their space beyond their what is mentally healthy for them, may suffer burn out.  We know that burn out lowers one’s ability to function.  A person may become despondent, irritable, or confused, in a word, overwhelmed, about how to organize their life when they have run their resources too low.  

For this exercise, think about what stands in the way of your peace of mind and physical health.  Make a list.  

Next, write down what needs to change for you to run your life in a way so that you have enough time, energy, money and space to be your best self.  

The third step is your plan.  Think of how you can begin investing in yourself.  Even small changes add up!  Learn to set boundaries with others and honor commitments to yourself.  Start this week making small, intentional changes in how you organize your life.  Begin building momentum to continue a healthier lifestyle in 2024!  Remember, the investment you make in yourself is a debt owed.  The investment you make in others is a gift given.