Autumn’s #1 Lesson:  ~Prepare for Winter


As hot summer fades into the rich glow of Autumn, we are reminded that change is on the way.  So many people dread this time of year due to additional social, financial, or emotional pressures that zap their energy, strap them financially, or activate unresolved emotional pain during the holidays.  

Autumn is not just for gathering the year’s harvest and expressing gratitude, but also for reassessing and releasing what has served its purpose.  Autumn is a good time to inventory our possessions, readjust our priorities, and reaffirm our personal connections.  It is time to make room for quiet solitude, reflection, and a deeper connection with self during winter months that are just around the corner.  

Whether space clearing and decluttering, reassessing, and readjusting social commitments, or setting healthier boundaries with friends and family, we will be doing our mental health a favor by making time this Autumn season to deliberately reorganize your life in preparation for the dark half of the year that is just around the corner.

Emotions of Autumn


If you love to see nature in action, think of various places you might have that experience. Nature reserves, hiking trails, camping under the stars, zoos, or sitting in your own outdoor space might be options on your menu.   What feeling comes up for you as you imagine yourself enjoying these experiences during the crisp autumn weather?

If you love music, think about where, how, and with whom might you enjoy musical expression this season.   Do you prefer getting lost in music at home, dancing until dawn around a bonfire, or attending an autumn music festival? What do you feel when you let your spirit soar to the rhythms of autumn music.  Options are limited only by your imagination, so experience the music of the season and enjoy your emotional buffet!

Perhaps you are craving a particular taste of autumn. Do you prefer food prep or treating yourself to the flavors of other people’s creations? From farmers’ markets to fine dining, the choice is yours. Not only will remembering past culinary experiences bring back those great feelings, but also notice the emotions that come up for you when you imagine yourself enjoying the tasteful delights of this autumn season.  Treat yourself to the bounty of taste!



I just wanted to mention that today is a beautiful day here in SW MO. My woods are busy with wildlife going into their autumn mode. Birds are flying south. Squirrels are hiding nuts. Raccoons are scavenging for all the corn they can find, and my groundhog is so fat I wonder if he can even fit into the hole he dug in my yard! With all this activity, I'm guessing that Autumn has come to the Ozarks, and we are about to smell wood smoke drifting from bonfires and feel a chill in the morning air.

I would love to hear about how you are planning to connect with nature during this season. What Autumn changes are you noticing around you?